My game Spiffy Spaceship is now available on the App Store.

The icon looks like this:

The game looks like this:

Everyone talks about 2-D space shooters, but nobody seems to make them anymore.  Nobody except me, that is.  Spiffy Spaceship is based loosely on an old game called Crystal Quest, although all the details are changed so as to not be a complete rip-off.

You play by swiping or dragging your finger around the screen, which in turn controls the round, red spaceship.  By tapping the screen you can shoot a cannon (the little green bolts) at your enemies, who include the magenta nonagons you see here.  Your task is to collect the blue gems before you run out of time or smash into something nasty.  There are also yellow and green gems that provide bonuses of various kinds.

Spiffy Spaceship is free to download and play. There are no ads, and although the game has gems you collect, there are no sacks of gems to buy for $19.99 or whatever.  There is a single in-app purchase available, which allows you to automatically fire your cannon.  If you like the game, please consider buying the autocannon upgrade, and/or leaving a nice review on the app store.

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