Game of Thrones Predictions Revisited

Well, it has been a year, and although the series finale of Game of Thrones was pretty bad, let’s review my predictions. I don’t really remember the episode that well, and I don’t plan to do any research to refresh my memory.

Dany needs to die. I nominate Arya. I’m going to call this correct. The Arya thing was not, technically, a prediction.

Drogon needs to die. No Dany, no Drogon. More on this later. Wrong.

Jon probably needs to die. He could get asassinated or die heroically fighting Drogon. Remember when he was going to fight Viserion, but then he didn’t? Maybe it was because Jon had a bigger task ahead of him. I guess Jon had a bigger task, but this is still wrong.

Come to think of it, who can lead King’s Landing? Anyone? Is there even a King’s Landing left to rule? The main problem with Jon (he’s a Stark) also preclude the other Starks from ruling. (Sorry, team Sansa.) Both Starks and Lannisters recognized Robert Baratheon as King. If all of the Targaryens were gone, the next logical person in line would be the heir to Robert Baratheon, namely the now legitimized Gendry. Gendry was not part of the raid on King’s Landing. He did help defend from the undead hordes. His ascension would mean that Ned’s efforts were not in vain. He’s not blond. Maybe Arya will even give him a second chance. Wrong. I can’t even remember whether Gendry was in the finale.

Tyrion is the only competent potential hand, but he really fucked up backing Dany. He may have to die to clear space for Gendry, or simply to have a dramatic murder in the finale. Personally I would rather see him leave King’s Landing, either as Lord of Casterly Rock (his longtime ambition) or as consort to the Queen in the North, Sansa Stark. It’s true that Tyrion ends up being the hand, but this prediction is so weaselly that I can’t even give myself credit. I’m going to mark this as not even wrong. I will address the Sansa part below.

Here were my predictions of who would rule each kingdom, and now I do need to look things up:

The North, ruled by Sansa. Correct. She even took the title “Queen in the North.” The little bits of linguistic weirdness made the books and show fun. It was, of course, when the show ran out of book material that the show went to shit.

The West, ruled by Tyrion, or maybe Podrick Payne. I’m calling this correct, although I tried to weasel out by saying Podrick might rule. Also, I had forgotten whether Tyrion actually was named Lord of the Rock. I got this from some wiki. It’s pretty bad that we never really care whether the best character still alive was able to fulfill his life’s dream.

The Stormlands, ruled by Gendry, who also takes over most of the Crownlands. No idea, let’s look it up. I guess I was correct. They never could figure out what to do with Gendry. Arya excepted, of course.

The Riverlands, ruled by some Tully or another (Edmure? Is he alive?), or maybe just annexed by the North in Sansa’s name. Correct, it was Edmure, who was alive. They even tried to make him funny but I thought the joke was poorly executed.

The Reach, ruled by Ser-Not-Appearing-In-This-Show Tyrell, or maybe Samwell Tarly. Wrong. It was Bronn, for some reason.

The Vale, ruled by Robin Arryn, according to the wikis. Man, they just dropped the Vale entirely from the show when Littlefinger died. Sansa should probably annex the Vale too, for good measure. Correct on all counts here. Vale drama is what sets the whole thing in motion, and provides some interesting moments for Tyrion, Brienne, and Sansa. In the end, we have forgotten that the Vale exists.

The Iron Islands, ruled by Yara Greyjoy. My hope is that the books will be published someday, and that they will differ so greatly from the show as to be unrecognizable. So this is not a prediction for Asha Greyjoy. Correct. Look, the Iron Islands make no fucking sense. They don’t have any trees to make their ships. Do they have iron? If so, it didn’t come up in the show, as far as I can recall. GRRM just likes the word iron, I think. The iron price! The Iron Bank of Braavos! Yronwood! It makes no sense for Robert and Ned to allow a rebellious pirate state with no real reason to exist to continually re-arm itself.

Dorne, ruled by Worf, son of Mogh. Technically wrong, but this joke is better than anything in the finale.

In sum, I got 1 correct out of 5 plot predictions (one of them incomplete, as I failed to make an actual prediction), and 6 out of 8 regional leadership predictions correct. That’s 53.8% correct. Somewhat less than impressive, just like season 8.