About Me

I am Benjamin Keniray Smith.

I’m a research psychologist specializing in human-computer interaction.  I am from Highland Park, NJ, USA.  I went to Brown University and the University of Maryland.  I live in Fredericksburg, Virginia with my wife Andi and our two daughters, Miss D and Lady O.

I’m not one of the many other people named Ben Smith: I was never the governor of North Carolina, although I did violate North Carolina bathroom law by changing my daughter’s diaper in a men’s room in Durham.  I am not a professional journalist, although I did write a snarky opinion column for the Highland Fling.  I am not a professional athlete, although I did drop a 12-pound shot on my toe.  I am not a rapper who uses the stage name Doc Brown, although I did dress up as Doctor Emmett Brown for Halloween in 2015.  I have never served in the Marines, Army, or Episcopal Church.  I never went on a killing spree, or any kind of spree. I am not a produce seller and political figure from New Brunswick, Canada, although I was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Worst of all, I am not a jazz saxophone player from Memphis.

I like to cook.